Thursday March 19, 2009 at approx. 1:15pm a car crossed over the center lane and hit my parentsí car, then bounces of and hit the car behind my parentsí car head-on. This happened 1 block from my parentsí house.

My mom (in the front passenger side) was unconscious after the collision and my dad was in the driver side (his door was not able to open). The police officer was able to wake my mom up and the ambulance took her to the ER. After X-ray and the doctorís examination, both my parents were released home last night. Luckily, nothing was broken and they are both OK :-)

We are still waiting for the police to complete their investigation and write up the police report. The at-fault driver said that she was tired and there was a mechanical issue in the car. The police did take a blood sample to determine if there was any alcohol or drugs involved.

Here are the pictures of the at-fault car:

This is my parents' car:

And this is the van that was behind my parents car: