The Proposal

The day started out with showing Yin a slideshow of everything we did together since we first met 2.5 years ago. Through our mutual friend Vivian, we met at 2006 Bumbershoot Music Festival at Seattle Center.

So on March 21, 2009 at 1:05pm I proposed to Yin at Seattle Center. I preloaded my camera with a special picture of us in front of the Space Needle. Then I set my camera on a timer to take only two pictures of us at the exact same spot (By default the camera will take three pictures). After the timer went off, I asked Yin to check if all three pictures looks good. When she saw the preloaded third picture, I got down on my knee and proposed.

Yin had no idea that she was being filmed. The sounds of people talking are from random visitors who happens to be there and saw the whole thing. Many thanks to James for hiding out ahead of time and filming everything.

Here is the video of the proposal and the slideshow:



This is what Yin saw when she scrolled to the preloaded picture (click on pic for more details):

Our engagement dinner was at Serafina:

Champagne to celebrate:

My sister got us some fancy Trophy Cupcakes (with red hearts added):


Click here for more pictures from the day...
Click here for our engagement portraits.

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