Car Accident
6:50pm, Going 35mph, hit ice and accidentally swerved into the curb. The collision damage both front and rear wheels, cracked the rotor and probably also damage the wheel bearing and front axel.

The really bad thing is that while I was gone on my 2-months around-the-world trip, I suspended the car insurance because the car was parked in the garage. When I got back, I called and have them reactivate the insurance as it was before.
However, they screwed up and did not reactivate "collision coverage".
So I do not have insurance coverage to get this fixed :-(

I am currently trying to prove to the insurance company that it was their fault for not correctly reactivating my insurance.
On December 31, 2009 the insurance called and admit it was their mistake and that I do have collison coverage :-)

I had the car fixed at the Royal Moore Mazda dealership where I originally bought the car. The final bill is $2384.70
Click for the detailed invoice

Here are four pictures taken by the Mazda dealership:

Here are my pics:

IMG_6157 IMG_6161 IMG_6162 IMG_6167
IMG_6165 IMG_6171 IMG_6172 IMG_6176
IMG_6173 IMG_6174 IMG_6177 IMG_6179
IMG_6184 IMG_6185 IMG_6189 IMG_6191
IMG_6192 IMG_6194 IMG_6195 IMG_6197
IMG_6202 IMG_6204 IMG_6206